1211 McGee

Kansas City, MO

1211 McGee


1211 McGee is the former Board of Education site that is now a development site located in the heart of Kansas City, just north of the T-Mobile Center and Power & Light District. This location is 2.616 Acres, with 236 parking spots and would be ideal for an office headquarter and could be tailored to any office or mixed-use need.


Zoned DC-15

The DC, Downtown Core district is primarily intended to promote high-intensity office and employment growth within the downtown core. The DC district regulations recognize and support downtown’s role as a center of regional importance and as a primary hub for business, communications, office, government, retail, cultural, educational, visitor accommodations, and entertainment. The district regulations are primarily intended to accommodate a broad mix of office, commercial, public, recreation, and entertainment uses. The DC district also accommodates residential development, both in a stand-alone high-density form and mixed with office and retail uses.


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