Integrated Property Management

Property management only works if it is completely integrated. At Copaken Brooks, we sit down at the table with all relevant project partners to comprehensively operate the building. 


Tenant Amenities 

Our property management team works directly with owners and tenants to evaluate opportunities, identify and recommend tenant amenity additions to raise value and tenant demand in today’s amenity-driven market. Learn more about our approach to tenant amenities.


Emergency Planning 

Good business is to plan for the best but prepare for the worst. At Copaken Brooks, we have developed a comprehensive and constantly growing list of potential operational failures to plan for and emergency planning for each potential event to minimize financial damage to the property owner and quickly pivot property management strategies.


Risk Management 

Our property managers identify weak points in operational budgets, anticipate large-scale repairs and compliance projects and develop remediation plans to minimize risk before it becomes a reality. Learn how our property management team minimizes risk and maximizes benefits for property owners. 

  • The Copaken Brooks property management team was instrumental in driving value for Creekwood Commons.  Not only do they have solid tenant relationship skills their efforts to create a Community Improvement District provided a completely new income stream.  This income will facilitate funding of multiple capital priorities without the need of owner capital. In addition, a substantial increase NOI and overall valuation of the center was will be produced that we otherwise would not have achieved simply through leasing and rental increases.

    Stanley L. McElroy, Jr. President, BIG Shopping Centers USA
  • The Copaken Brooks property management team did a great job of managing Piper Plaza.  They are a true partner who works in a collaborative manner with all to preserve and drive asset value.  Their efforts over the years facilitated in the preservation of the physical asset and NOI growth which produced a handsome ROI when the decision was made to sell the project.

    J. Brett Gordon President, McCownGordon Construction
  • The Copaken Brooks property management team was instrumental in driving value for my retail center.  They guided the project through the economic downturn in 2009 by preserving value and materially improving NOI each subsequent year.  It was their processes and focused attention to tenant relations and operating expense management that allowed me to maximize the centers value when I decided to sell in 2017.

    Hans Peter President, Phenix Label Company
  • We continue to be very pleased with the relationship and the results. Tight vendor control produced superior results and mitigated budget overruns on a variety of ongoing initiatives and capital projects. The property management staff understands our business and anticipates our needs.

    Jack Kammerer Missouri Bank
  • They are a self-managed, goal oriented, consensus-building team that has produced significant and consistent positive change.

    Claude Page City of Kansas City, Missouri

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