Implementing A Preventive Plan At One Park Place

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During the onboarding process for One Park Place, a 108-unit high-rise luxury condominium property, Copaken Brooks conducted its conditional assessment “health check” to identify and prioritize deferred maintenance conditions of the building’s life safety systems. The team discovered corroded glands on the building fire pump, as well as a leaky and corroded fire pump head.

An independent fire pump servicing firm determined the gland casings were corroded beyond repair due to improper maintenance. This condition produced an overtightening around the shaft and restricted water flow to properly cool it during operation. The preventive maintenance and pump run records indicated that the pump had not been routinely serviced or properly exercised on a consistent basis.

The HOA Board was unaware of the fire pump condition, which could lead to pump failure during an emergency.


The pump was tested but began smoking shortly after starting due to the overtightened condition of the glands on the pump shaft. The service company was concerned that due to this condition, the excess friction could lead to pump failure and the building would be left without a means to get water to upper floors in the event of fire.

Copaken Brooks takes life safety issues seriously and advised the HOA board to immediately approve and implement the following actions:

  • Rush order a new pump head.
  • Notify the local fire marshall and insurance carrier of the situation
  • Place the building on fire watch until the pump could be repaired.


The HOA board unanimously approved the action items based on the recommendations from the Copaken Brooks condo management team. The fire pump head was ordered and replaced, and building fire life safety system tests were performed to confirm all systems were functioning.

In addition, regular preventive maintenance and exercising of the fire pump was scheduled with a qualified fire pump contractor to ensure reliability and performance is maintained.

By implementing a preventive plan, the board was able to minimize the risk of a massive economic impact to the property and owners due to an inoperative fire pump.

“Protecting the well-being of our property residents, coupled with increasing property values, are key tenets for our HOA. Copaken Brooks is aligned with this focus and has been a highly complementary business partner for us.”
– One Park Place Board of Directors

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